Essential Australian Road Trip Slang

Essential Australian Road Trip Slang (Ultimate Guide)

Planning a trip to Australia is unlike planning a trip to any other country. It would help if you also learned Australian slang apart from learning about the country and the cities. Many tourists visiting Australia for the first time need help to understand the locals. The reason is that Australians have a weird English accent. Moreover, they have slang that you should know and understand to prevent yourself from getting into any embarrassment or trouble. To help you out, we will bring you this Australian road trip slang guide in which we will reveal some of the most common Aussie slang words and phrases you should know while road traveling in Australia.

Why Is It Important to Learn Australian Slang for A Road Trip?

If you are going on a road trip to Australia, learning Australian slang for more than one reason is essential. It will help you to converse with the local Australians effectively, and it will also help you understand Australian culture a bit. Moreover, learning Aussie slang words will help you to ask for help in case you get into any trouble, such as a flat tire or getting lost during travel. However, if you are not very comfortable learning Aussie slang, you can always hire a chauffeur service to make your journey in Australia pleasant.         

19 Essential Australian Road Trip Slang

  1. Anchors – Brakes
  2. Bingle – A Minor Car Accident
  3. Bonnet – Hood of a Car
  4. Boot – Trunk of a Car
  5. Booze Bus – Mobile Breath Testing Units for Performing Breath Tests of Drivers
  6. Caravan – A Vehicle Equipped for Living In
  7. Carby – Carburetor
  8. Divvy Van – A Police Van Used to Transport Those Under Arrest
  9. Donk – Car Engine
  10. Down the Road – An Indication of Distance that could mean anything from a hundred meters down the road to a hundred kilometers down the road
  11. Hoon – A Person Who is Very Bad At Driving or Someone Who Drives Too Fast and Irresponsibly
  12.  Juice – Fuel (Petrol)
  13. Paddock basher – Off-Road or Farm Vehicles that are Non-Road Registered (Commonly Used in Rural Areas) 
  14. Rego – Vehicle Registration 
  15. Servo – Petrol Station, Gas Station, or Service Station
  16. Speedo – Speedometer
  17. U-E – U-Turn in Driving 
  18. Ute – Pickup Truck 
  19. Windscreen – Windshield 

56 Useful Aussie Words and Phrases for Travel in Australia

  1. Arvo – Afternoon
  2. A Cold One – A Beer
  3. Bail – To Cancel a Plan or To Leave Somewhere
  4. Barbie – Grill or BBQ
  5. Bathers – Swimsuits
  6. You Beauty – Good One or Great One
  7. Bloody (Something) – An Expression to Emphasize Something (Usually Anger)
  8. Bloody Oath – Absolutely or Very True
  9. Bogan – A Person Who’s Not Sophisticated
  10. Bottle-O Liquor Shop – A Shop to Buy Alcohol
  11. Breatho – When Someone is Tested for His/Her Alcohol Limit
  12. Brekky – Breakfast
  13. Brolly – Umbrella
  14. Budgie Smugglers – Swimming Trunks for Men
  15. Buggered – Not Working, Broken, Tired
  16. Choccas – Something is Full
  17. Biccy – Biscuit or Cookie
  18. Chook – Chicken
  19. Chrissie – Christmas
  20. Cobber – Close Friend or Mate
  21. Coppers – Policemen
  22. Crikey – Surprise (Expression)
  23. Crook – Feeling Unwell / Thief or Criminal
  24. Deadset – True
  25. Dunny – An Outback Expression Generally Used for Toilet or Bathroom
  26. Esky – An Insulated Box for Keeping Things Cold
  27. Flat Out – Really Busy
  28. Footy – Aussie Rules Football or Australian Football League. However, in Queensland and New South Wales “Footy” Generally Refers to Rugby
  29. Going off – When It’s Busy or There is a Lot of People at a Place
  30. Good on Ya – Good Work
  31. Hard Yakka – Hard Work
  32. Heaps – Many or A Lot
  33. Iffy – If a Thing is Not Quite Right
  34. Lollies – Sweets or Candies
  35. Maccas – McDonald’s
  36. Mate – Friend
  37. Mozzie – Mosquito
  38. No Dramas – Not a Problem or That’s Fine
  39. No Worries – No Problem
  40. Outback – Refers to the Interior of Australia.
  41. Out Bush – Refers to Even a More Remote Area than the Outback
  42. Reckon – Think or Have an Opinion
  43. Ripper – Awesome or Fantastic
  44. Rooted – Tired or Broken
  45. Sanger – Sandwich
  46. Sheila – Woman
  47. Sickie – When Someone Takes the Day Off Work
  48. Stoked – To Be Happy or Pleased (About Something)
  49. Snag – A Sausage
  50. Straya – Australia (Some People Say It This Way)
  51. Stuffed – Broken or Tired
  52. Sunnies – Sunglasses
  53. Ta – Thanks or Please
  54. Tea – Dinner Time or Simply Tea 
  55. Tucker – Food 
  56. Woop Woop – In the middle of nowhere

Final Words:

Learning Australian slang words and phrases always helps communicate with the locals, especially when you are on a road trip to Australia. By learning the slang words we have listed above, you will be able to immerse yourself in Australian culture while bonding well with the locals.       

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Australians talk quickly?

Yes, Australians usually talk fast as they skip letter pronunciation and chew words while speaking. Moreover, they have their unique slang that is hard to understand by non-native Australians. 

Is Australian English difficult to understand?

Yes, Australian English, unlike British or American English, is difficult to understand if you are not an Australian. The accent is not just tough to speak but also hard to replicate. 

How do you say hello in Australian slang?

Australians usually say G’day when they want to say hello. G’day means “good day”, and it’s the Australian way to greet someone for the day.