Places to Stop on Your Road Trip from Melbourne to Sydney

5 places Melbourne to Sydney Road Trip Stops

Planning to travel from Melbourne to Sydney by road and looking for a few great places in between where you can stay for a couple of hours or a day? If your answer is yes, we bring you this road travel guide in which we will reveal five places to stop on your road trip from Melbourne to Sydney. So let’s start:

Is It Worth Driving from Melbourne to Sydney By Car? 

If there is one road trip, you must go on in Australia. It must be from Melbourne to Sydney. We are saying this because the trip offers you everything from the most beautiful national parks to beaches you want to visit again and again!

The best and shortest route from Melbourne to Sydney is the Hume Highway route, which is 900 kilometers long and takes around 10 hours of non-stop driving. However, if you are stopping at some significant destinations, the route will extend to up to 1200 kilometers, which will take around 15 to 18 hours of drive. 

So it’s better to pack up your bags, get a car, and drive on the Hume Highway than be on a boring Melbourne to Sydney flight. If you are wondering where to stay halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, here below are some places you can consider staying at.

5 Breathtaking Stops between Sydney & Melbourne

1- Phillip Island

If you are starting your road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, then Phillip Island is one of the best places on the route to Sydney that you can stop at. If you are fascinated with wildlife and beaches, then Phillip Island is a great place to spend some time. Even if you are a foodie and wine lover, the site has a lot to offer, as there are cafes and bars all around the island. Moreover, if you visit the island between October and March, you can also expect a fantastic view of penguins coming ashore!  

2- Lakes Entrance

Searching for a scenic destination on your way to Sydney? If yes, then Lakes Entrance is the ultimate place to visit. Lakes Entrance is a small town on Victoria’s shores, a well-known tourist destination with great experiences to offer. The most fantastic thing about Lakes Entrance is its warm climate which you will enjoy while sitting on one of its beaches. In addition, you can experience dining in one of the exotic beachside cafes or enjoying bushwalking trails.  

3- Bermagui

If you are looking for a destination spot in New South Wales during your travel from Melbourne to Sydney, then Bermagui is a place you should visit. All you need to know about Bermagui is that It’s a small coastal town with stunning natural lakes. So if you love kayaking, you can get a kayak and tour Wallaga Lake. You can also enjoy swimming in the blue ocean pools while experiencing the incredible seashore.  

4- Ulladulla

Interested in knowing about Australia’s heritage and its history? If you answer yes, then Ulladulla is a must-visit place. This town is also located on the coast of NSW but has very different experiences to offer than Bermagui. In Ulladulla, you will find many historical sites, galleries, and museums that will tell you a lot about the country’s history. Moreover, you can go for the Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk to experience the incredible scenery on the coast. 

5- The Royal National Park

Before reaching Sydney, the last destination that you should visit is the royal national park. It is one of the oldest national parks in the world and the place where you can truly experience nature to its essence. From animals like kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies to more than a thousand species of plants, you will find everything you might not find anywhere else. In addition, you can visit the popular swimming spot at the royal national park known as Wattamolla Lagoon. You can even opt to go hiking, as there are many hiking tracks around the park. 

Final Words:

Traveling from Melbourne to Sydney through the coastal highway can be a joyful and breathtaking experience if you detour and visit the places we revealed above. Trust us, you won’t regret it, and if you have already taken our advice, let us know about your experience.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to drive from Melbourne to Sydney by car?

It’s easy to drive from Melbourne to Sydney by car using Hume Highway, a coastal route. Many tourists and local travelers often road travel from Melbourne to Sydney, and it takes even less than 12 hours if you are not taking any rest or staying.   

How much time does it take to drive from Melbourne to Sydney?

It will take around two days if you are taking a coastal drive from Melbourne to Sydney with just an overnight stop. However, if you plan to stop by some places for a couple of hours, it will take 4-5 days to reach Sydney from Melbourne.  

What are some prominent cities between Melbourne and Sydney?

Some big and renowned cities between Melbourne and Sydney include Canberra, Katoomba, Shoalhaven, Wollongong, Beechworth, and St Kilda. 

What is the best scenic route from Melbourne to Sydney?

The coastal drive route is probably the best scenic route from Melbourne to Sydney as it offers excellent natural scenic experiences and is also the shortest route to Sydney from Melbourne.