Our Sydney City Trip Service

If you are in Sydney, then you might want to explore the city while keeping your whole experience luxurious. City Chauffeured Drive understands this need of yours, and that’s why we offer exclusive city trip service. Our Sydney city trip service has everything included that you need to explore Sydney in the most luxurious way. From the most luxurious limousine cars to the most experienced chauffeurs, we will bring everything to the table for you.

What will you get?

Professional Tour Guide

At City Chauffeured Drive, we have the most professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs that will also be your city tour guide. Our chauffeur will drive you to the most scenic and historical destinations in Sydney and share his knowledge about those locations. Moreover, he will take you shopping and give you food recommendations if you ask him for them.

Luxurious Cars

The best and most comfortable way to explore a city is to be in the back of a luxurious car while a chauffeur is driving. We have an entire fleet of luxury branded cars that you can pick your car from for your city trip. From luxury stretch limousines to branded sedan cars, we have enough car options that you will definitely get spoiled for a choice.

Comprehensive City Tour

At City Chauffeured Drive, we believe that you should explore the city to the core if you truly want to enjoy a memorable experience. That’s why we designed our city trip service to be comprehensive. From scenic destinations and must-watch historical sites to iconic landmarks and food places, your tour guide will take you everywhere so you can’t miss out on anything.

Safety & Convenience

We have the most professional chauffeurs that are all skillful and experienced drivers and will ensure that you enjoy a safe city trip. Moreover, all our cars are well-maintained and we get them inspected from time to time so that our clients don’t face any kind of inconvenience during the trip.

Value For Money

The price we charge for our city trip service is not only reasonable but also offers full value for your money. Our chauffeur will be at your location before time so that you can visit more places. He will even wait for you if you are dining in a restaurant. Moreover, he will ensure that your city tour is worth every penny.


Our chauffeur will offer you refreshments from time to time during the city tour so that you can feel active and fresh. The refreshments generally include snacks and drinks that will add more joy to your fantastic city trip. Even if you are craving a meal then you can ask the chauffeur and he will take you to a good food spot.

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Why choose us?

Exploring a city to the fullest isn’t easy, especially when you want to enjoy a luxury experience. At City Chauffeured Drive, we offer private city trips that you can take to enjoy touring the city in a luxurious car. We will also assign you an experienced and professional tour guide that will take you to the most popular and iconic destinations in Sydney. Our chauffeur guide will ensure that you get the most cozy travel experience while exploring the city. Moreover, he will ensure that you get value for every penny you spend.

So book a city trip with City Chauffeured Drive now and experience the ultimate luxury city tour.