What is the Difference Between a Hummer Limo & Stretch Limo

What is the Difference Between a Hummer Limo & Stretch Limo

Are you someone who prefers luxury and comfort over everything? If yes, a luxury chauffeur car can give you the ultimate road travel experience you couldn’t get with anything else. 

Choosing the right chauffeur car is one of the critical aspects of hiring a chauffeur service. That’s why you must be considerate when choosing your chauffeur car Hummer Limo & Stretch Limo. 

If you are looking for the best luxury stretch vehicle options for being chauffeured, you can hire a Hummer or stretch limo.

Not sure what’s the difference between the two vehicles, and which one you should go for?

Well, in today’s blog, we will discuss the difference between a Hummer limo & stretch limo in detail so that you can decide which one would be more suitable for your personality and needs. 

So let’s begin:

Difference Between a Hummer Limo & Stretch Limo

1- Length & Seating Capacity:

The most fundamental difference between stretch and Hummer limo is their lengths. A stretch limousine is generally lengthier than a Hummer limousine. Moreover, it has more seating capacity to offer. 

The seating capacity of a Hummer limo is usually around 8 to 10 passengers. However, some bigger Hummer limousines can also accommodate up to 18 passengers.

On the other hand, a stretch limousine is built to accommodate up to 20 people easily. Though. You will find various variations of a stretch limousine that can accommodate many more passengers.         

For instance, the “American Dream” is the world’s longest limousine car, accommodating up to 75 passengers at a time!  

Even if we talk about appearance, a Hummer limo looks very different from a stretch limo. Hummer limousines look bulky and rugged compared to stretch limousines with slimmer and smooth bodies.     

2- Luxuries & Amenities: 

Talking about the luxuries and amenities, both Hummer and stretch limousines have different things to offer.

While you might anticipate that a stretch limo might offer more luxuries than a Hummer limo, it’s not true.

It’s a fact that stretch limousines are built specifically for luxury road travel and offer luxury amenities. However, Hummer limousines are no less than stretch limousines in terms of luxuries and amenities. 

You will find everything in a luxury Hummer limo, from party lights and a dance floor to a disco sound system and a fully equipped bar.  

Similarly, if you hire a stretch limousine, you will find all the luxury enmities such as leather seating, TV screens, mini refreshment bars, privacy dividers, and much more. 

3- Purpose & Usage:

Another major difference between a Hummer limo and a stretch limo is the purpose for which they get hired by someone. 

Stretch limousines usually get hired for airport and hotel transfers. Moreover, they get hired for special events like weddings and proms.

Other than that, stretch limos are also hired by celebrities, VIPs, corporate executives, and businessmen for going to red carpets or corporate events. 

On the other hand, Hummer limos are often hired for parties such as bachelor parties, birthday parties, and others. 

People hire a Hummer limo for other purposes, such as wine tours and nights out in the city. 

4- Driving: 

We have discussed earlier that a stretch limousine is lengthier than a Hummer limousine, and that’s the reason why not everybody can drive a stretch limo.

Driving a stretch limousine requires many skills, experience, and expertise; only a trained chauffeur can move it with sophistication.

That’s why whenever you hire a stretch limousine, you need to hire a chauffeur to drive it because driving it is not a cup of tea for an ordinary car driver. 

Unlike driving a stretch limousine, driving a Hummer limo is relatively easy. The length of a Hummer limousine is not that much, so you don’t need an expert chauffeur to go it. 

You can hire a Hummer limo and opt to drive it yourself, or you can hire a driver to drive it for you. Simple! 

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Final Words:

Ultimately, we hope you know the difference between a Hummer and a stretch limoDo consider the purpose of both the limousine vehicles when hiring to make the right decision.